相羽 茂(Shigeru AIBA)        



 その傍ら、団内外での編曲活動も随時行う。自身のクラシック曲のアレンジで在籍中の楽団での演奏や、地元の校歌の吹奏楽アレンジなどを行い、好評を頂いた。その他に作曲活動も行なっており、1993年には故マエストロ フレデリック・フェネル氏と東京佼成ウィンド・オーケストラをお招きし、自身の行進曲を市民音楽祭で公演された。


I was born in April 19xx, and lives in Niigata Prefecture Arai City (present Myoko City).
It joins the music for wind instruments part at the junior high school and the euphonium is started.
Well into the high school continue to work in general of brass band organization, joined the local Arai Symphonic Band (original Arai City brass band). After resigning in 2011 also carried out playing activities in the solo.

The arranement activity in the by the side and the inside and outside of the mass is done at any time.
It performs of on the register by the arrangement of classic tune in the band and the music for wind instruments of the school song of local is arrenged, and I got popular.
The composition activity was done additionally, and own march performed with the late maestro Frederick Fennell by the Tyoko Kosei Wind Orchestra in the citizens' music festival in 1993.

Not only the field of music for wind instruments but also it comes to receive the composition request from Yosakoi dance team of local recently, and the activity as the music stuff is started.